Poker Blog – 9 Reasons Why Every Player Must Have One

ohtoptens.comPoker Blog – 9 Reasons Why Every Player Must Have One.

Why should every poker player have his own blog? Here are 9 main reasons:

1. Communication with colleagues. Each poker player must communicate with other players. Sometimes with people who do not even know. A blog is the perfect way to approach everyone.

2. Share poker experiences with others. When you see a driver who is still learning to drive, he always remembers his own experience when he only has a license for his drivers. Poker players should also share their basic experience with newbies.

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3. Analysis of the game. When you lose AA, can you ask what just happened? When writing a blog question is not enough, you should tell your readers WHY this happened. Therefore, you need to analyze your game and try to learn from your mistakes. A blog is an excellent way to share this “noisy thought” or “brainstorm” with others.

4. Show off When playing poker live or online, players sometimes meet some celebrities and, in some cases, even catch them. The world should know about the failures of their favorite poker celebrities against modest and unknown players.

5. Ask for advice. Blogs usually have a certain audience of readers who can help you in all situations of life. agen poker is played by car dealers, electricians, programmers, lawyers who can definitely help you if you just ask, regardless of whether it is related to poker or not.

6. Moderate discussion of the blog. A blog is a form of discussion where the author can ask a question or declare his or her position on a particular important topic. The bloggers themselves can moderate the discussions, unlike the forums where the moderators are hired or appointed.

7. Warehouse of interesting material. A blog is an excellent way to list interesting videos, images and links to other pages that contain a variety of useful information. People like to read and look; The links may be available at any time. This is similar to Digg or Delicious, only with longer descriptions and huge collections of interesting poker articles.

8. Practice your language. If you do not constantly use the knowledge you get at school, just forget it (for example, my wife forgot her German because she never used it after graduation). The same with writing skills. We no longer write long letters, because we can only call or send SMS.

9. Social network skills. The blog should go to the masses. To do this, you are almost forced to use Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIN and other social networks. You will definitely meet many interesting people who can not only start reading your blog, but can even help you in your real life. Social networking skills help people improve in person.