Learn How To Play Poker For Real Money with minimum deposit

ohtoptens.comLearn How To Play Poker For Real Money with minimum deposit.

What is the initial amount to play Poker for real money?

It is a known fact that Internet is home to several online sites. What do you know about Poker? How does it work? What is Important about this site before stepping into it to play online? Well these are common questions which keep revolving in the mind of poker players who want to try their hand online. Score88 Poker is only one answer to all these questions which is number one Indonesian Online Poker and Capsa Susun Agent. Poker set of card games has many variations is played on table. It requires gambling with real money, applied skills and strategy. Before you kick the tables have a thorough knowledge about the game that is essential to beat your opponent to win the game. Visit the siteĀ poker online to learn more about it.


Score88 offers several bonuses and cash rewards to its players to attract them and stick on the site for longer time. Progressive Jackpot was recently announced by the site to the loyal players who can make more cash using the deposited amount. Any player who want to play their game with real money should first utilize their cash back deposits and referral bonuses which directly gets credited into their account in the starting as they sign up opening an account with minimum deposit worth Rs.10, 000. Be on safe side to first use this amount. There is more risk of losing the amount. You are lucky if you win and make more money from it, but if you lose then it is not yours and on safe side.

Important things about Score88 Poker For Real Money:

  1. Generally the age limit to enter into any casino or poker site is not less than 18 years. Your site should have license and legally approved by the area government.
  2. Download this site on any of the mobile device which supports its software and lets you enjoy your gambling games from anywhere at any time. You can play them on Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad and PC.
  3. referral bonus, cash deposits and other services once you open an account with initial deposit worth amount Rs.10, 000.
  4. Grab their Referral Bonuses worth 15%, new membership bonuses worth 10% and cash back deposits worth 0.5% based on your weekly turnover. Utilize them to play more games and win a chance to play the Progressive Jackpot round worth Rs. 871, 866, 930.
  5. Perform all your deposits and withdrawal transactions using any one of these local Indonesian bank systems ATM, BNI, MANDIRI, BRI BCA, DANAMON and CIMB NIAGA which are safe and secure in keeping the identity of players confidential.
  6. Have fun playing the most popular games of this Score88 Poker site such as Bandar Ceme, Domino QQ, Black Jack, Texas Poker and Capsa Susun for non-stop entertainment.
  7. In case of any emergency then call their 24/7 helpline number, send a mail or pin them on live chat.


For other queries regarding the site and their games please visit that is best Poker and Capsa Susun Online Agent. Have fun playing their games with various bonuses and give your best to enter into the Progressive Jackpot using real money to become a millionaire.