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The world of gambling has long been recognized by the world, especially the people of Indonesia. But this sector was also touched by the advance of technological civilization. This is evidenced by the emergence of various online gambling games that have been widely circulated on the internet. For players who have long known the world of the internet, of course, this is something that is not difficult to do, but this is inversely proportional to some people who just found out. Therefore here the author will provide some safe ways to register on the 2019 agen poker online gambling site.

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Number of Online Gambling Sites

Search results on the internet show the results of hundreds and even thousands of sites that offer services as a “place” for poker online Indonesia terpercaya gambling. It is undeniable that here the site owners and their agents also have a big contribution to the development of this game because without them we would not be able to play gambling online. But what you need to watch out for here is the number of new sites and the quality is still unclear. This also can indirectly reduce the interest of this game slowly. Therefore, carefulness is needed in choosing an online gambling site to avoid things that are not desired, because basically, every gambler wants to get a safe and comfortable game container from the online gambling service provider.

Here, the writer presents some tips for choosing the site, especially for those of you who still don’t understand how to choose it and are still new in this world

Not in a hurry in choosing a site is the first thing to do. In addition to preventing the wrong choice, this is also useful so that you do not choose a site that will be harmful. Do a search slowly and prioritize reading several articles that contain site recommendations first
Request site recommendations from closest friends or relatives who have or still play gambling at agen poker Indonesia. Older players are usually more skilled at choosing sites and often many of them already have a trusted agent from an official site, so you can use it as a trusted website
But if you do not have friends or relatives, do a search on the internet with a note that you are more careful and careful. Collect a number of sites that you think are trusted, then select one by one.
Choose a site that has a long age. Apart from the undoubted quality, the performance and services provided were not playing games because they had worked for a long time in their respective fields.
Look for sites that already have a good reputation from their members. This is clearly one of the things that can prove that the site can be trusted.
Note the number of members in a site. But what needs to be considered is that there are total active members, not just total members. Because on a stupid site usually there are only a lot of non-active members
Those are some safety tips for registering 2019 online gambling that the author can convey, hopefully, it can be useful for readers


How agen poker game is limited?

ohtoptens.comHow agen poker game is limited?. Online games have become a great source of entertainment for toddlers to elder people. All age group of people wish to play their choice of game to have fun. Thanks to Technology and Internet that is having millions of websites for different purposes to serve the needs of people. There are different types of online games like poker, soccer, cricket, pool and many more. It makes one’s mind refreshing and helps them feel stress-free. Due to lack of time and to avoid travelling to casino’s more and more people are approaching online gambling that provides real money to the player along with lots of entertainment. All these agen poker games do comes with lot of limitations and to play this game well one need to have an idea about all of them, they have a minimum bet as well as the maximum bets also. There are mainly four types of limits in the game no limit, pot limits, fixed limit and spread limit. So let’s have look on these limits of agen poker game.


Spread limit

This type of spread limit games they allow a player to raise any of the amounts within a specified range which cannot be changed. If the players have decided the game will be between 1 to 5, then, any player can choose the betting within this range only. The first bet will be according to the decided range and in second bet the range will become double. In this type of agen poker game one need to be careful so that they don’t gives out with one’s choice of bets. The people who just started playing these poker games tend to bet high with strong hands and low with the weak hands.

Half-pod limit

In this type of limit agen poker game no player can raise more than half the size of the size of total pot.  These are the games which generally played neither high nor the low pace.

Fixed limit

The game which has this fixed limit structure, it depends on the choice of the player whether they want to make the bet or not. There are certain rules which by which the amount will be fixed to make sure that there is the likelihood of protection and bluffing. At certain points of the game the said amount goes double, and this double amount of money is called the big bet in the game.

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Styles and Strategies Of Online Poker – The 4 Main Styles Of Online Poker Play

ohtoptens.comStyles and Strategies Of Online Poker – The 4 Main Styles Of Online Poker Play. An online poker game can be easily divided into four basic styles of poker game, which are widely known as:

Aggressive loose

Very aggressive


Tight passive

Free and difficult means how many times a player plays in his hand during a tournament or regular game, while aggressive and passive refers to how the player makes bets and what strategy he uses. If you can recognize these players while playing online poker, it will help you fight your actions and beat them. Here, each style is summarized for easy reading.

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Aggressive free

The Loose-Aggressive player is the style that is most frequently played at online poker terpercaya. Often, bets and big bets usually go all-in. This type of player can be very difficult to read, because if you bet on almost all hands, how can you tell if you have cards or a bluff?

Very aggressive

The Tight-Aggressive player usually bets only on the fact that he has a very good hand, the opposite of a hard player is a free player who often makes bets, a difficult player almost never bluffs. When a tight-aggressive player finds a decent hand, he often makes big bets and almost always gets some kind of action in the bets of the aggressive player above.


The free passive player style usually wants to see the flop, but is not ready to bet. Usually, mark or make small bets to see cards, but will not force bets to raise.

Tight passive

In general, it is unlikely that a very passive player participates in the game and abandons everything except the best hands. If they really fall in a good hand, they will just limp, rather, betting or going up big.

For most online tournaments, the most appropriate strategy is a player who absorbs the blows. This requires patients, but it’s worth getting into the money. After loose aggression, people, without paying attention, will go with the players who want to finish desperately among the first three and finish the money. Your playing style here will make you win a lot of time, as other players will notice your aggressive and hard style and will fold when big bets and allow you to win the pot, unless, of course, your opponent is lucky and has a monstrous hand . It happens the best of us 🙂

Poker Test – Determine Your Actual Poker Skills Quickly and Objectively

ohtoptens.comPoker Test – Determine Your Actual Poker Skills Quickly and Objectively. For many years, poker players were not able to test their poker skills, other than participating in a real poker game, and often risk significant amounts of money only to discover they are not winning, and then try to intrigue for a long time. Where your game needs to improve.

Now you can test your real Bandar poker skills using the free online poker trial. Now there are several tests of this type available. The initial test was first published on

bandar poker

A poker test is to answer 25 multiple-choice questions by testing 8 different areas of poker skills.

All those who learn to play poker go up the “poker ladder” for a certain period of time, as they learn more and develop poker skills.

The advance of the poker ladder from the beginner to become an advanced or experienced player, combines skills, time and experience.

In particular, TestTester Texas Holdem testers tested with tests are tested in the following areas:

Starting hands: the initial hands with which you choose to play, from which positions and in what circumstances have a great influence on the way you play poker.

Betting strategy: the way you choose a bet makes a big difference in winning a poker. For example, choosing a bet or raise when you had to call or throw will be important: withdraw money or make the final table of the tournament or go home early with empty pockets.

Odds of play: knowing how and when to play the odds is crucial to win money and create your stack in poker. This includes a quick calculation of outs, the odds of the pot and the determination of whether your hand is a cash box or a loser (statistically). While you can not play strictly for the possibilities, this is an important factor in the game, as there is always an element of randomness.

Making bluffs and traps is one of the most important skills in poker: a successful bluff. The ability to cheat and catch successfully is critical because in poker you usually will not get many super strong hands, so knowing when and how to cheat and catch usually makes a difference in the way a player plays poker.

Reading to the players is the ability to understand what a player probably does at any time of the game, and also to read strongly the strength of his hand is a critical skill. If he learns to do it successfully, he will know when to retreat, to take the hands of the second level and when he must increase or face the opponent’s bluff.

Heads Up Game: the right game in an individual situation is crucial, as there are many cases in which you encounter an opponent in a certain hand or at the end of a tournament. The air victory is what separates the champions from the rest.

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Playing Video Poker in an Exciting Way

ohtoptens.comPlaying Video Poker in an Exciting Way. Video poker is one of the fastest and most popular games of today. There are no betting rounds or bluffs in this motor game. You play this game, keep the best cards and get rid of the not so good ones to win prizes. The best way to deal with video poker is to bet with the maximum credit. However, you can choose your offer depending on your requirements.

Computer game

Almost all casinos have enough infrastructure to accommodate video games. For example, in Las Vegas, casinos have numerous video games with features to offer five coins. Most novice players would try first with a coin and see the result. However, it is better to play with five coins at a time.

In other words, if you have $ 5 with you, play with five $ 1 coins each, and not with a $ 5 coin. Healing with a royal flush can do wonders for you.

poker online indonesia

Basic strategies

Although many would say there are no strategies in this game, a professional player would say otherwise. To play video poker, you must be extremely careful. An experienced player will aggressively play video poker, ignoring some basic tips.

Bonuses and Jackpots

You receive rewards depending on what you receive from the car. As a result, you can earn a lot in your kitty if you play in bonus rounds, jackpots and progressive jackpots. Surveys show that bonus rounds give you the best long-term income. In many cases, you can double your money at the expense of the bonus game. If you want to work for your possibilities, try the bonus rounds.

Finally, the best way to play this game is to give time to a game session. If you accelerate this process, you will not only lose, but you will also lose in a fun and exciting game.

In general, keep some type of background and time specifically for this game. This is one of the best casino games that will surely provide you with an exciting and exciting session.

A great Poker online indonesia player would like to play a game that not only excites him, but also gives him high rewards. Before video poker was in style, other casino games took a long time. Making a game required a lot of technical thinking, strategic planning, cheating, betting schemes, etc. In summary, traditional casino games were not as exciting as video poker.

Nowadays, with the growth of online casinos and slot machines, video poker has become one of the most popular games in the world. The casino center in Las Vegas has numerous video games installed in all the casinos in the region.

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5 Poker Tournament Tips to Improve Your Strategy to Win

ohtoptens.com5 Poker Tournament Tips to Improve Your Strategy to Win. Poker is probably the most popular card game in the world, and if you have ever played a game, you will understand exactly what it is. The best thing about poker these days is that, thanks to several online poker tournaments, finding a competitive game at any time becomes easier than ever. If you are going to participate in several online poker tournaments for the first time, you should make sure you are as prepared as possible. That is why we have compiled this article, which lists several strategies for poker tournament strategies that have proven to be effective. Admission to your first tournament can be difficult, but if you remember the tips of the poker tournament strategy that we are going to list, your chances of obtaining a high and maybe even win will increase exponentially.

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Previously, the game was tense

First of all, one of the most important things you should remember when it comes to strategy tips in poker tournaments is to play at the beginning of the game. Do not worry, if you are not quite sure what this technical jargon means, we will proceed. Especially at the beginning of the game, make sure you sit down and waste your time. Many people make mistakes when they pass through the small blinds at an early stage, playing weaker hands. If you are not sure of having a particularly strong hand, you should sit down, play hard and wait until the other players leave the game.

Pay attention to your opponents: you play in a poker tournament at your friend’s house, or if you simply enter online poker tournaments, you should always try to pay attention to your opponents. Take notes on how they play during the game. For example, if there is a player who bluffs a lot, but often has a weak hand, remember later in the game.

First place in the final table

Remember that in the final table the lowest payments are really only a small percentage of the total of prizes. Because of this, you can afford to take several risks, since, ultimately, you want to place yourself in the first place and add yourself first, no matter what.

Keep your bankroll healthy throughout the tournament

 Obviously, the goal of a Judi poker tournament is to win and, hopefully, win as much money as you can. It goes without saying that you can not count on victory in every game, so you should leave a break. Many experts recommend a bankroll of at least 50 buy-ins so it does not break, so when possible, try to play a little more conservatively so as not to damage all your money / chips.

Online Poker Tournaments – Learn How to Win Now!

ohtoptens.comOnline Poker Tournaments – Learn How to Win Now!. If you are playing poker online now, but you only do it carelessly or during free time when you are stuck in something, you may have to go to the next level and sign up for online poker tournaments in order to participate. That you like it and earn a lot of money at the same time. But before you can learn to earn a lot of money, you must first learn to win in online poker tournaments. Here are some tips and strategies:

The first thing that you should adjust in terms of strategy is the speed with which you collect the chips.

In casual games, you only need to accumulate the maximum amount of chips, but in online poker tournaments you need to collect most of the chips in a certain period of time and constantly increase the blinds. This means that you should be more at risk of playing more hands, this is the fastest way to win many chips.

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Then, while in standard games the dollar has a constant value, online poker tournaments use virtual chips that have a relative value. Starting with chips that are worth a thousand dollars, they make them more valuable than winning the next thousand dollars. The fact that you can not buy your way back to a tournament brings a lot of value to your last chips.

You should also explore the concept of Gap, which was presented by David Sklansky.

The concept of Gap means that you need a good hand to play against the one who opened the bet. This hand should be better than what you need to open with you. Basically, if you bet, you need a very strong hand, but if you only bet, you can cross in a semi-strong hand. The concept of a hole must be taken into account when stealing curtains or making movements.

Play in the blinds. The low blinds allow you to play a more relaxed game when you sit down and wait for other players to take advantage of the mistakes, but when the blinds begin to rise, you must have the courage to risk a lot and start betting.

The approach is very important in online Poker indonesia tournaments, where there is a tendency to be distracted by other tables and future opponents. What happens in other tables is always secondary to what happens in your own table. Worry about your current opponents and pay attention only to other tables when you have already become the chip leader of the current table.

Last but not least, luck is still the main factor

You must keep this in mind when choosing online poker tournaments to join. Since all the players will have a conflicting luck, their chances of success diminish, the more players there are. So, if there is a tournament for 200 people and a tournament for 90 people, try to join tournament number 90 first.

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Poker Blog – 9 Reasons Why Every Player Must Have One

ohtoptens.comPoker Blog – 9 Reasons Why Every Player Must Have One.

Why should every poker player have his own blog? Here are 9 main reasons:

1. Communication with colleagues. Each poker player must communicate with other players. Sometimes with people who do not even know. A blog is the perfect way to approach everyone.

2. Share poker experiences with others. When you see a driver who is still learning to drive, he always remembers his own experience when he only has a license for his drivers. Poker players should also share their basic experience with newbies.

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3. Analysis of the game. When you lose AA, can you ask what just happened? When writing a blog question is not enough, you should tell your readers WHY this happened. Therefore, you need to analyze your game and try to learn from your mistakes. A blog is an excellent way to share this “noisy thought” or “brainstorm” with others.

4. Show off When playing poker live or online, players sometimes meet some celebrities and, in some cases, even catch them. The world should know about the failures of their favorite poker celebrities against modest and unknown players.

5. Ask for advice. Blogs usually have a certain audience of readers who can help you in all situations of life. agen poker is played by car dealers, electricians, programmers, lawyers who can definitely help you if you just ask, regardless of whether it is related to poker or not.

6. Moderate discussion of the blog. A blog is a form of discussion where the author can ask a question or declare his or her position on a particular important topic. The bloggers themselves can moderate the discussions, unlike the forums where the moderators are hired or appointed.

7. Warehouse of interesting material. A blog is an excellent way to list interesting videos, images and links to other pages that contain a variety of useful information. People like to read and look; The links may be available at any time. This is similar to Digg or Delicious, only with longer descriptions and huge collections of interesting poker articles.

8. Practice your language. If you do not constantly use the knowledge you get at school, just forget it (for example, my wife forgot her German because she never used it after graduation). The same with writing skills. We no longer write long letters, because we can only call or send SMS.

9. Social network skills. The blog should go to the masses. To do this, you are almost forced to use Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIN and other social networks. You will definitely meet many interesting people who can not only start reading your blog, but can even help you in your real life. Social networking skills help people improve in person.


Live Casino Gambling – More Than Just Gambling

ohtoptens.comLive Casino Gambling – More Than Just Gambling. The benefits of gambling in online casinos like daftar poker are so many. It makes the people play the game in home. You feel comfortable and secure by playing the game on online casinos. The people who like betting can enjoy the game and generates zeal and anxiety in winning the game. There are many online sites available online where you can do gambling and play various forms of online casinos on the game. The players have fun in winning the bets and taking risks in gambling. You can also earn real money from gambling in online casino. The playing of gambling through online connects you to many players of your interest. The online casinos of gambling are more than gambling. They give various opportunities and options for doing gambling. Like poker, blackjack, roulette and many other sites make you do gambling. You need to login to the site and start playing. It is easy to play online which allows you to enjoy and relax from all the pressures of work in the free time. It makes your mind refreshing and eager in playing for more time.  The risk of taking bets is a thrill factor and adventures in bluffing and the winning are all the parts of this game. These all factors make the people to stick to the online casinos.


Effects of gambling

The online gambling at makes everyone play online and do bets without any knowledge of the game too. If you play with real money you feel like to bet in the zeal of earning money. This makes you a great loss of money as it takes a click in taking money in online. There are many online casinos available in the online that are legal and illegal. It is really confusing for many people in playing on legal sites. So be aware of the online casinos which are legal and play gambling. The players who play with online casinos of free version will be free in doing bets and enjoying the game even they lose. They can easily win with the play money of gambling in free sites of online games. With this success these players try to play on online casinos with real money. This may get success or failure in getting money for you. The people who play on online casinos with real money should be aware of the site on which they are playing. As you fill the details of the credit or debit cards. The players should play on the secure and legal sites. Otherwise the theft of stealing the money from your credit cards will be increased.

Online poker: For beginners

ohtoptens.comOnline poker: For beginners. Online poker gaming websites are not an unknown concept In the gaming market now. Almost all the players who are in online casino games do know about the poker game and really cherish it while playing. It is a high speed game which has lots of chances of winning big hands too. To make it easy to understand for beginners we need to keep certain things in mind and should be aware of each and every terminology used in this game. For better idea checkout this website. situs poker


Let’s get through with the terminology

To get the exact idea of the game to play it with full interest one need to get through with the terminologies used in this games. Let’s see them one by one

6-max – In this type of poker game maximum 6 people can sit on one table and play, which means that there will be only six participants in the game. This type of game is little difficult for beginners to understand in an online scenario.

Ante – Ante is a type of bet which is called as the forced bet too, it comes little late In the poker game to increase the size of amount in the bet which was done by the starting player. In short if a player feels in the end that he has a brighter chance to win this game then he can force bet and increase the amount of money involved in the game.

Bankroll management – This is one main aspect of the poker games which one need to consider. All the players who are playing this game knows how important is to manage your bankroll to now how much money you have with you and how much you can bet. One need to keep that in mind that betting should not increase your available funds limits or to the amount you cannot afford to lose. Avoiding bankroll management and playing game can lead you to go broke.

Big blind – Big blind is a type of forced bet which comes little later in the tournament. In this big blind the player who is seating two seats left from the dealer can do this forced bet to increase the amount involved in game. According to the pre-set rules of poker this big blind will be the minimum bet size for poker games

These are some of the terminology beginners need to be aware of before start playing the actual game.