Top 10 Summer Birthday Gifts for Her

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Summer birthdays are just around the corner and a little pre-planning can help your girlfriend’s birthday. Look at your calendar now for upcoming girlfriend birthdays. Think about their personal style, what’s going on in their life (busy mom, training for marathon, milestone birthday approaching) and consider a gift and/or celebration to be personalize to them and their dreams.

No matter what your wife or girlfriend’s interests may be, there is a perfect gift out there for her. Luckily, summer is a fantastic time of year for getting creative with a special birthday gift idea for the woman in your life.

To help get your gears turning, we’ve compiled a list of birthday gift ideas for the season that are guaranteed to make her special day the best day of the summer.

10.Nice Flower

Flowers are abundant this season, so why not surprise her one morning with a bouquet of her favorite flower. You can also surprise her by making a breakfast in bed or even baking a cake for her. Make sure you make the best cake and she’ll definitely kiss you and who knows what’s next? See A Flower Idea Here.

9. Anything Frozen

That’s right – it’s hot and she will love you when she receive a gift that helps her cool down. There are lots of tasty options to be had and most require minimal effort. Without spending a fortune (in fact for under $100) you can find unique summer gifts like a snow cone or cotton candy maker. She will love it for the nostalgia and also love it for the taste – but don’t worry you can buy sugar-free options too. See A Frozen Snack Idea Here.

8.Pool Toys

Summer days mean cooling off in the pool and nothing makes you the life of the party like rocking up with some fun stuff to play with in the pool. This option is definitely perfect for her. bring along an inflatable bar cooler. Equipped with an ice chest in the middle to keep your drinks and nibbles cold this floating fridge means less time out of the water grabbing snacks. For the kids, there is a great range of toys on the market to choose from. Some top choices are simple pool noodles for the cash-strapped or an Aqua Roller. An Aqua Roller inflates into a giant circle that the kids can climb inside and roll through the water. Of course, the first thing to note here is that your gift recipient must have a pool – if they don’t a paddling pool gift wouldn’t go astray. See A Pool Toy Option Here.

7.Outdoor Sport

It’s great fun being outdoors when the sun is shining and a sporting gift is an ideal group gift for her. An old classic is of course cricket and you can pick up a bat, ball and wickets at a good price for hours of fun – just make sure you work out the rules to avoid arguments. Other favourites are Swingball, badminton and volleyball. Something you may not have tried before in the grand outdoors is lawn-sized Scrabble or Twister. You can buy these from an online shop or simply make your own. Again, a great gift to show up at a friend’s party… get your game on! See An Outdoor Game Option Here.

6. A Summer Surprise Party With All Your Friends

What better way to celebrate another year of life than with a big party with all her closest friends? Summer is a great time of year to organize a raging backyard surprise party complete with food, booze, and merriment.

Send out invites in secret, coordinate with her friends so she won’t suspect anything, and surprise her with the gift of love from all of her favorite people. Outfit a backyard with tables, games, refreshments, and ample lighting to keep the party going into the cool summer night.

The act of organizing a large birthday event is a great way to show her your love. And the surprise is certainly a birthday present she will not soon forget! Start Planning Her Party Today.

5. A Romantic Patio Dinner with a View

You can’t go wrong with taking your lover out on a fancy dinner date for her birthday. It combines two of a girl’s favorite things: dressing up and eating delicious gourmet cuisine.

This summer, think about taking her somewhere that accentuates the beautiful summer season. Choose a restaurant with an evening patio that offers gorgeous views of the sunset or a table by the waterfront. Or find a restaurant specializing in unique seasonal dishes that are only available during the summer months.

Be sure to inform the waitstaff that it’s her birthday, too. Most high-end restaurants have a special dessert for the occasion. As far as summer birthday gift ideas go, you can be certain with this one that she’ll be happy and satisfied on all fronts. Start Planning Her Romantic Dinner Now.

4. A Summer Birthday Picnic

Want to spend a gorgeous summer day outside with your girl but can’t leave town? Stick around close to home and opt for a romantic birthday of picnicking and people watching in the park instead.

Be sure to fill your picnic basket with all of her favorite goodies – a nice bottle of champagne, some cheeses, and of course, chocolate. You can also bring some board and grass games to play together and a blanket for a midday summer snooze.

Simple, economical, and customizable to any couple, a fun summer picnic is an easy yet wonderful way to show her you care and celebrate her special day. So roll out that checkered quilt and enjoy some sweet summertime weather together! Plan Her Birthday Picnic Today!

3. A New Summer Outfit

Another year, another summer season of new hot fashions. More than likely your girl hasn’t yet filled out her wardrobe with all the latest threads on her list. After a long winter all bundled up, there’s no doubt that your lady is dying to flaunt some new summer garb.

Try getting her a new summer outfit she can’t wait to show off. Do some research on the latest styles and trends that fit her taste. Perhaps a colorful and flowy sundress or a cute crop top and flats. If you want to really capitalize on summertime gift giving, consider a new swimsuit or give her a cute shirt. There are a lot of summer shirts in any local store and they provide great comfort because they’re cool. You can even personalize that shirt by printing your photo together or even printing your best summer get away.

For lovers, this time is the best time to give your lady a set of wardrobe. Floral dresses and light colored dresses are in and they look great on summer.

At a loss for where to start? Ask some of her friends for help. They’ll make sure you get something that’ll look great and she’ll actually wear. Plus, she will love wearing it, even more, knowing that you selected something you like, too. Get Her A Summer Dress Right Here!

2. A Season-Inspired gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a birthday gift basket filled with fun treasures and knick-knacks? Get your girl all her summer essentials with a personalized gift basket made for the season. Summer cocktails, sunscreen, sandals, and a new pair of shades are just a few of the summer-inspired items which make perfect gifts.

When it comes to summer birthday gift ideas, this is perhaps the one most receptive to a little (or a lot!) of creativity. Does she love refreshing summery drinks? Fill a basket with her favorite summer cocktail fixings. Does she love spending afternoons out by the pool? Get her a new pair of sandals and designer shades. The possibilities are endless!

Complete this gift basket with an Eternity Rose that will last forever, and a sweet, handwritten birthday note and watch her face light up with love. Get Her The Perfect Gift Basket.

1. Theme Park Trip

Summer is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy some fresh air with your girl. Whether she’s interested in hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach, the season is ripe with adventurous camping options for any preference.

A trip to theme park where you both can enjoy rides and have fun all day. Spending time together and creating new beautiful memories is perhaps one of the best birthday gifts you can give. Make the occasion extra special with her favorite bottle of wine, a cozy blanket for night time cuddling, and taking lots of photos to capture the experience.

Once the trip is over, consider framing a photo or two and surprising her with them. A thoughtful gesture will undoubtedly be the cherry on top of a perfect birthday weekend. Frame Your Trip Memories Here.

The lists for summer gifts for her is numerous, you can gift whatever comes in your mind. Go ahead, make her happy and give a gift that suits her. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate summer. Show it by thinking up new and exciting summer birthday gift ideas she’ll love. Every woman is different, so celebrate yours right this year and make her birthday gift as unique and thoughtful as she is. And remember, the more personalized your gift, the more she is bound to adore it.

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