Top 10 Safest Countries in the World

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Living in one of the safest countries is the dream of everyone in the world. Although ‘safety’ can cover a whole range of variables. Some people say freedom of speech to be the measure of safest countries and some consider low crime rates as a scale to measure the safety of any place. By researching all these variables we have come up to the point that the actual safety factor depends on the quality of law enforcement and the condition of law and order in the country. The lowest the crime rate in any place the highest is the safety variable factor.

America which is though to be a free world in sense to provide people the freedom to speak whatever they like stands on 88th spot for the Safest countries to live in 2014. So you can easily imagine what people are actually looking for. To be noted here that none of the society in the world is perfect safe to live in and there is no perfect formula to remain safe from every kind of crime and issue. But indeed there are many countries with low crime rates and thus getting listed in the safest countries in the world list this time.

Safest Countries in the World 2014 List

Safest Countries in the World 2014 List

Safest Countries 2014

Thanks to FBI and World Bank for providing the statistics of safety rate variables for different countries to judge which countries are safe to live and are also listed in the safest countries of Global Peace index. Peace in a country is also the indication of living a happy and prosperous life on the planet. So lets have a look at the top 10 Safest countries in the world with the highest safety rate variables and lowest crime rates.

10. Singapore, 80.02 Safety Rate Variable

Singapore - Safest Countries in the World

Singapore – Safest Countries in the World

Singapore has been listed as the 10th Safest countries in the world in 2014 with a safety factor of 80.02. Being a central trading hub in the middle of the world’s fastest growing trade routes it is indeed one of the safest places to be in. Because of the political mixture of capitalism and communism, the people of Singapore are served well and taken good care of due to the successful trading model of the country. Also the strong welfare state supports the citizens who are unable to support themselves. The country has a zero tolerance on crime and corruption. This might be the reason its among one of the safest countries. Singapore had one of the world’s highest crime execution rates in 90’s which reduced large scale crimes. However the country now faces problems of social inequality and high levels of immigration. so its safety might be under threat as the prices of items go high and work becomes harder to find for the poor people of the society.

9. Bahrain, 80.21 Safety Rate Variable

Bahrain - Safest Countries in the World

Bahrain – Safest Countries in the World

Bahrain is another emerging country in the list of the safest countries with the safety factor of 80.21 and provides amazing freedoms which are not available in the neighboring countries especially Saudi Arabia. Many people have migrated from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain to escape the strict  Shariah environment there. Bahrain which is thought to be an Islamic state openly offers open bars, relaxed attitude towards men and women dress and wide availability of pork which is haram in neighboring states. The violent crime rate is rare as firearms are strictly prohibited in the state, making it 9th most safest country in 2014. However in the past 2-3 years its is heard that children are being targeted for participation in demonstration against governments which are a sure shot alarming condition for Bahrain to remain in the list any more.

8. Georgia, 80.43 Safety Rate Variable

Georgia - Safest Countries in the World

Georgia – Safest Countries in the World

Georgia is another safest country ranking on the 8th spot on the list with crime rates of about 19.6 whereas the safety rate variable is about 80.43 . It suggests that Georgia is indeed a great country to live in but sadly citizens have reported that the crime rate has been increasing from the last 2 years and the people are really worried about theft and attacks on them. Although you can expect to remain pretty safe in the capital of Georgia where safety factor for day time is about 90% and that for night walking alone is about 80% which is really high compared with New York safety factor which is mere 54%. Indeed its still a better place to live in, at least better than America whose perception is “Dangerous Middle East”.

7. Luxembourg, 81.25 Safety Rate Variable

Luxembourg - Safest Countries in the World

Luxembourg – Safest Countries in the World

Luxembourg is a tiny European country  and has an immensely low crime rate due to the incredible effective law enforcement in the country. It has been listed as the 7th Safest country in the world with a crime rate of mere 18.8% or you can say 81.25% of safety rate factor. Violent crimes are pretty low, however pickpockets are found in abundance at public transports which might affect tourists perception of the safety of this country. Practices such as prostitution have been legalized in the country which is deemed not to be a good thing. The police has a strict surveillance in the area and they prevent any human trafficking to avoid any unpleasant thing to take place but thieves take advantage at events of the crowded fairs and might pick pocket. So when you travel to Luxembourg, beware of pick pockets near you.

6. Malta, 81.46 Safety Rate Variable

Malta - Safest Countries in the World

Malta – Safest Countries in the World

In spite of being in one of the World’s most densely populated countries Malta is 6th most safest country in the world and is a popular holiday spot to go in Europe. Violent and organized crimes with firearms are very very rare as Malta has a very strict gun control laws and crimes including firearms are almost zero to none. Safety recommendation for travelers is pretty a common sense advice to keep due vigilance while carrying any valuable items. Malta’s capital is a high crime rate city with the main crime as theft but thieves are mostly unarmed so the personal safety factor remains high for this country. It is the indeed world most wonderful place to enjoy your summer or honeymoon.

5. United Arab Emirates, 81.99 Safety Rate Variable

United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Safest Countries in the World

United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Safest Countries in the World

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been listed as the 5th most Safest countries on the list, with a safety factor of 81.99 which is quite high as compared to its neighboring countries. The UAE border countries lack the same levels of safety and political security which UAE enjoys in the region. Although most of the countries listed here are able to get in the list by legalizing controversial practices and relaxed attitude to the citizens, UAE has a number of local laws and penalties which might appear harsh to western people. Things like public displays of affection between non married couples are seriously dealt with. You might have heard of a British couple who was arrested for drinking alcohol and kissing on a beach on their holiday vacation. UAE still attracts millions of people with loads of tourists attractions and beaches. There are no notable crimes heard in the state.

4. South Korea, 82.6 Safety Rate Variable

South Korea  - Safest Countries in the World

South Korea – Safest Countries in the World

South Korea may surprise many of you being listed on the 4th spot of the most safest countries to live in but believe me its true and South Korea is indeed very safe for both citizens and travelers. Although the relations between its border country North Korea remain tense throughout the year but it has little to no effect on the lives of the South Koreans. Gun ownership is illegal in the country except in certain situations and less than about 0.01% of the total population owns a gun. Its really safe for a high school kid to walk home alone late at night and lot of children do that regularly without any fear. The only issue which South Koreans threat to life is the Volcano Mount Baekdusan and is due to erupt for over 10 years and annual typhoons in the area can cause severe damage. But its the natural disaster and not the crime.

3. Hong Kong, 83.43 Safety Rate Variable

Hong Kong - Safest Countries in the World

Hong Kong – Safest Countries in the World

Hong Kong has been the 3rd safest country with a safety rate variable of 83.43. Hong Kong Police regular patrolling in the area make sure it is indeed one of the top safest countries to live in. They make sure to avoid any crimes and if that ever happens they are there to help and find criminals. The main problem with the Hong Kong environment which poses high risk to the citizens of Hong Kong are industrial transformation of the mainland which have caused lot of pollution. This is the reason respiratory problems among citizens are rising constantly. The government needs to take protective measures against pollution to keep up the rank and aware people to remain safe from these.

2. Taiwan, 83.74 Safety Rate Variable

Taiwan - Safest Countries in the World

Taiwan – Safest Countries in the World

Taiwan is the 2nd most safest country with an impressively low crime rate of about 16.3.  Although frauds have been inevitable in the country but that does not pose any kind of risk to the personal safety of citizens of travelers. As tourism is the major contributor the strong economy of Taiwan, so its has been a great concern for the government to provide and deliver a safe and happy environment for travelers and citizens both to maintain a great environment so that Tourism of Taiwan can progress by leaps and bounds. Taiwan has been a renowned name for being the World’s Safest country ever.

1. Japan, 86.89 Safety Rate Variable

Japan - Safest Countries in the World

Japan – Safest Countries in the World

Japan stands on top of the list of the most safest countries around the globe with a crime rate of mere 13.1 and walking alone on the streets during the day or night poses no threat to the personal safety or security. Japan follows the European-style structure of law enforcement and police officials hold a great authority and respect within the citizens of Japan. People of Japan respect Police to the extent that they are known as third party advisers also and are called to settle the family quarrels and minor family disputes which is really favorable thing for Japan. Japan is currently battling the media to prove that the nuclear radiations no longer poses a threat to personal safety and Japan has now a clean environment for the people to live a healthy lifestyle but its not known yet if its true.