Top 10 Reasons why Education is Extremely Important

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Education is extremely important for human beings. You cannot imagine a world without schools or colleges, this seems pretty impossible. Uneducated and educated person are not equal and indeed educated person gets better opportunities in life. He has the ability to realize his/her dreams easily as compared to an uneducated person. Not only educated person is economically strong, he is good at communicating effectively with others and he stands out of the crowd from less educated people. He enjoys premium facilities. Now I am not saying that an uneducated person has no life at all or he is never successful or an educated person will always do well in life. Exceptions are always there. However most of us will agree that educated person is always superior that uneducated person. Well let’s dig deep and browse the reasons why education is so important.

10. Overcoming superstitions

Superstitions are baseless, useless concepts in mind which affect and impact your life negatively. Most of the time illiterate and uneducated person tends to hold certain superstition beliefs. Be it some historical beliefs or religion beliefs. Superstitions are always piece of rubbish one must not ponder upon. Education and awareness from such superstitions is the best way to fight with them and reject them with logical reasoning.

9. Keeping up with the World

We live in an ever changing world. Latest Technology, Gadgets and modern improvements in lifestyle are being made every single day. Without knowledge of all these advancements in science and technology its really hard to live an easy life. Uneducated person feels awkward using these inventions whereas educated person is well aware of the modern world and what’s going on in the world.

8. Respect

Educated people know to respect people mostly and that is the reason that everybody likes a wise and educated person. Not only educated person respects people around him but he gains a respectful status in the society but uneducated people most of the times donot get that reputable status in society.


7. Makes the World a safer place

Education greatly affects our understanding of difference between right and wrong. An educated person is well aware of the fact that the wrong and illegal actions would result in bad impact of society. This is the reason that theft, robbery and other illegal actions are carried in poor and illiterate people. An uneducated person who live in a poverty stricken life owning to lack of opportunities often turn to illegal ways to make his life happier. But actually this is not the case and there is an environment of fear and unrest. Hence education is really important to keep social harmony, peace and overall safety in societies.

6. Makes you Confident

Education gives you confidence to express your opinion and views whereas the uneducated person might not be able to express his opinion and views due to lack of confidence. Even if he is able to express his opinion in some gathering, people would surely not take him serious. So an educated person has a high regard among people due to his education and knowledge. Not only this, education helps to save you from being fooled or cheated easily.

5. For economic growth of Education

Apart from personal benefits, education is vital for economic growth of the whole nation. Australia, Japan, USA and France are few countries with very high literacy rates. These countries are extremely prosperous with high per capita income and are considered developed countries. On the other hand the underdeveloped countries where literacy rate is not high, majority of the people are living below poverty line like in India.

4. Turns your dreams to Reality

What is your dream in life? You want to become rich? Own a Ferrari? Want to become popular or whatever. The key to getting your dreams come true is Education. Not only you get wealth, respect but you gain a lot more in life and realize your dreams by being educated. Uneducated person finds it really hard to realize his dreams as he has limited resources and thoughts.

3. Equality

Education teaches us equality and give each other a fair place. We must forget different social and gender differences. Education teaches us to treat men and women alike and accept equal status of women. Most of the uneducated people are not in favor of women empowerment but they should know that women are an important part of society and they are indeed equal to men.


2. Wealth

Educated person has more chance to gain legal wealth as compared to illiterate or uneducated person so the educated person has better career opportunities and thus has more income, wealth and money to make his life better. Money might be called as “Root of All Evil” but you must consider that money is really important for survival in today’s world.

1. For a Happy Life

As mentioned earlier you need to be educated to live a happy and stable life. If you are uneducated you would have less income and it would be really hard for you to meet both ends meet. To enjoy your life to fullest, you need to have a good job or some established business. If you have a great job, good social reputation, home, car and other facilities in life, then you would indeed be living a happy life. Education is a must for a promising, secure and stable future.