Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of 2014

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Clothing is really important and vital for both men and women and women especially young girls are really very sensitive in case of their clothing brands. Most of the women who are brand conscious, love to wear expensive and costly clothing to make a perfect personality for them and to attract people. You might have seen a lot of celebs wearing different huge brand clothing including expensive jeans, watches, T shirts, party dresses and a lot more. So we planned to list here the top ranked most Expensive Clothing Brands of 2014 which have also been the most popular and most expensive brands of all time too. So lets see who are the huge giants in this lucrative market of clothing.

10. Guess

GUESS - Expensive Clothing Brands

GUESS – Expensive Clothing Brands

Guess is the only clothing brand on the list which is American brand and it is famous for its denim jeans. Guess was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, California and its stores typically target women and young men. Guess not only have clothing but they also deal in watches, jewelry and perfumes for men and women. Although Guess once was in trouble due to some of the top competitors like Calvin Klein, Diesel etc but they quickly get back to the track and have made a good name since then. The average revenue is about $1.2 billion and continues to increase.

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