Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users

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Facebook is a top social networking website and it has been playing an amazing role to people and business alike. With over 1.19 billion active Facebook users you can easily imagine the power of this social networking giant. The most renowned Facebook competitor Twitter and Google Plus both are not able to get the attention of this much user base which Facebook has collected in a short period of time. The Businesses have taken a great advantage of this strong platform by having a so much active and engaged audience so many of them are really interested in knowing which are countries with the most Facebook users in 2014. Depending on the geo location the businesses can serve their audience better. Lets dig on and do a little research on which are the most addictive Facebook users residing in.

top 10 countries with the most facebook users

top 10 countries with the most facebook users

10. Germany

Well to get started, Germany comes on the first spot of our list of the countries with the most Facebook users. It stands on the 10th spot with about 22 Million of the total Facebook Users are from Germany. Wao man, its huge number. Most of the people about 60-70% from Germany who are active Facebook users are from the age of 18-44. That means young generation in Germany is pretty active in using Facebook.

9. France

France has been listed as 9th country with the most Facebook Users. They have about 25 Million active Facebook users and the good news is French people run after brands and its good chance you can promote your products to the people of France who are Facebook users. According to a survey the most liked brands within Facebook users of France are Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Nutella etc. French have an indeed great interest to edible products.

8. Philippines

As people around the world can’t just resist the islands of Philippines, similarly the Philippines natives can not resist Facebook usage. With over 29 Million Facebook users, this country has been listed at the 8th spot. About 65 percent of the total Facebook users of Philippines are females. So you can boost up your sales if you market the right products to the Filipino ladies.

7. Turkey

Turkey is another emerging country in the list of the most Facebook users in the world with a total of 32 Million users. The people of Turkey mostly are not interested in buying products online rather than they are mostly at Facebook for sharing their life moments with their friends. There is almost an equal number of males and females using Facebook. And about 70% of the Facebook users of Turkey are young adults ranging from 18-35 years of age.

6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is really famous for being a social country and same is the case with their citizens. About 55% of the internet users of UK are on Facebook. UK has been ranked 6th country among the countries with the most Facebook Users and the number of  users is about 34 Million. Around 53% of their Facebook Users are ladies and like their neighbors, British also have a bit of sweet tooth.

5. Mexico

So Mexico is another country ranked 5th with 38 Million of total Facebook Users. The male and female Facebook users are about 50%. Mexicans are really serious of about the drinks and the most popular brands here are Coca-Cola and Corona beer. Apart from the drinks Mexican people are also interested a lot in PlayStation and Doritos. So Mexicans are lively heart people What a perfect combination – extreme gaming with coke and Doritos.

4. Indonesia

The people of Indonesia seems to be a lot addicted to Facebook. According to a research about 20% of 22% of people who uses internet is on Facebook, which means that almost every person who can access Facebook does. Among these users males using Facebook are a bit higher than their counterparts. The brands which are most liked by people of Facebook users of Indonesia are Blackberry, Samsung and Yamaha Motors. So you can guess the interest of these people and promote to a potential audience.

3. India

India has been listed 3rd with a total Facebook users of 48 Million. Male users are dominant here rather than females. The users of India are mostly into Technology, gadgets etc. Most of the people are 18 years older which is a common pattern of the all the countries we have seen so far. India is an emerging country in the upcoming technology and gadgets so you can assume to grab a huge market by promoting it to this South Asian land.

2. Brazil

Brazil has been listed as the 2nd country with the most Facebook users in 2014. The ladies and men both are an equal participants in using Facebook and you would really be amazed to see that Facebook users in Brazil are 52 Million which is a very huge number. Brazilians are really spell bounded by the magic of Facebook.


1. United States of America

Like most of the other things, USA again stands on top and provide Facebook the biggest user base of all the countries so far. Out of the total population of United States who use interent, about 67% of them are on Facebook. You will be amazed to hear that around USA has 160 Million Facebook users now with the age range of about 18-35 years. The top brands in USA is Walmart followed by Target and Amazon. Wao, people Americans do a hell lot of shopping. :-p