Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks

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Best Selfie Sticks

It is pretty common to get tired of stretching your arms all over to capture selfies, so you need a pretty long and stable selfie stick to make your selfie capture easy. Well this Polaroid monopod proves to be compatible with just any point and shoot the camera picture for you. You will never feel the weight as its only 1 opund. This selfie stick measures about 8 inches in normal condition while it can be extended out to an amazing 37 inches of length to cover a wide range of background in your selfie picture.

9. Extendable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

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This high tech selfie stick can be adjusted quite conveniently to a great extent and whats the best part about this selfie stick is that it comes with a cool Bluetooth remote control function so taking pictures of yourself become more easier. You can easily place and adjust your cell phone in the holder of the selfie stick. This selfie stick can be extended from 11 inches to 40 inches in length and is pretty compact and light so you can take it everywhere you go.

8. Dolica Lightweight MonoPod

Best Selfie Sticks 2As mentioned earlier, the longer the better, this is a 67 inches monopod selfie stick which is a must camera and smartphone accessory if you are a selfie lover. This smart and cool yet lightweight selfie stick provides the best mobility and stability indoor and outdoor. With a comfortable and soft foam grip and a cool looking strap this selfie stick is not only beautiful and elegant but also robust in nature.

7. Satechi Bluetooth Smart Selfie Extension Arm

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This Satechi Bluetooth Smart selfie stick allows you to take both sole and self photos and the unique feature of this selfie stick is that you can include yourself in the picture while taking group photos. When this selfie stick arm is extended, the telescoping arm let you take pictures from up to 3 feet away so a wide viewing angle is generated. As the name suggests, this selfie stick connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth compatible android or digital camera device.

6. Dreamcatcher Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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The Dream catcher Selfie stick is an ultra compact and lightest selfie stick with a long extendable arm and you can easily stretch it up to 40 inches away. The selfie stick is Bluetooth activated which means you can control the remote shutter with the help of Bluetooth to capture ultra cool selfies. As its compatible with almost all of the mobile phones and cameras so you don’t need to worry about software issues. When not extended this selfie stick is about 9 inches long which can easily come in handbags.

5. Innogear Selfie Stick

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The Innogear is a Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones. A remote camera control function has been built in already in the selfie stick. The Bluetooth is compatible with all android devices above Android 3.0. You can simply capture stunning selfies with the Bluetooth button to interact with your device. The holder of the selfie stick is adjustable to fit any mobile phone. The Selfie stick is extendable to 105 centimeters while its pretty small in normal. This can also be used as tripod stand to make selfie movies.

4. 5ive Selfie Stick Extendable Handheld MonoPod

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Creating professional looking selfies and getting affordable selfie stick at the same time is being offered by 5ive Inc. The device either camera or mobile phone can easily by mount on this monopod and you will indeed see a wonderful ability to shoot videos and taking photographs with the help of this advanced Bluetooth based selfie stick. This Selfie Stick can be extended to a maximum height of 40 inches by pulling it from both ends.

3. Optikal Selfiepal Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Stick

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This telescoping pole Selfie Stick work for both mobile phone devices and digital cameras and you can easily capture wide angle photographs and selfies for you and your loved ones. Selfies can be taken from multiple angles with the help of pivoting action. This selfie stick provides a firm hold with thick rubber around the selfie stick which is not only comfortable but feels great on hand. None to be forgotten is that its Bluetooth Wireless enabled, making selfies easier to capture.

2. Polaroid 40″ Selfie Stick Extender

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This Polaroid and HD Selfie stick comes with Bluetooth remote which is compatible with most of the Android and Apple smartphones and the shutter control from the grip can be used to take selfies. This high quality Selfie stick is made from Aluminium to make it robust. With the help of this Selfie stick you make sure that Badly framed and missed shots will be eliminated with a click of a button.

1. Extension Pole – POV Telescoping Selfie Stick

Using this POV Telescoping Extension Pole Selfie Stick you can now capture Point of view footage using your Digital camera or smartphone. The telescoping aluminum tubes are split into three sections. The extension pole can be extended from 16 inches to 36 inches long. Made with High Quality Aluminium and covered with a soft touch foam for comfortable use, this is the Ultimate Selfie Stick we recommend to our readers and selfie lovers. The soft touch foam and robustness helps save it from accidental drops and damages.Best Selfie Sticks 9

If you find it hard to take selfies the traditional way or if you are not able to be a part of group photos, then one of the above top 10 Best Selfie Stick in 2015 could prove to be the solution to your self-taking captures.