Top 10 Best Countries to Live In 2014

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The World’s Best Countries to Live In are those where the people living are happy with their lives. So where on earth you think people are happily enjoying their life style. In the era of restlessness people are really frustrated with their modern living. To get an answer to the question and explore the best countries to live lets proceed and watch out the recent and most updated list of  “World Happiness Report” compiled by United Nations. To determine the scale of happiness they have taken about 5 different variables into account which are listed as.


  1. GDP per Capita
  2. Generosity
  3. Corruption
  4. Social Support
  5. Life Expectancy

Happiness Factor is the main key to determine the best countries in the World 2014. World’s Happiness Report quotes that people who are emotionally happier and have more satisfying lives tend to be more healthy, productive and socially connected. These benefits in turn make the country a better place to live in. A strong economic position and a great status can not guarantee peace and happiness to people but its something related to mental peace.

On a scale from o to 10 we have listed the happiness score based on the happiness report and thus compiled the list of best countries to live in the World in 2014. Though no place is a perfect one but you can choose any of these ten places you like as they fall in category of average and above average happy living countries.

Best Countries To Live in the World

So lets start our list with the reverse order with Australia is the last best country to live in the world and  on the top happiest and best country to live in the world.


10. Australia

Happiness Score :- 7.35

Australia - World's Best Countries to Live In 2014

Australia – World’s Best Countries to Live In 2014

  • Australia had been a favorite country for years for people all over the world because Australians are really good in lending hands to people and help each other.
  • With Per capita GDP of 41,954 billion its the 10th most richest country in the world.
  • Life expectancy of people in Australia is as follows

Men : 83.5 Years

Women:85.5 Years

  • It has a great level of education standard. These are some of the factors that lifts up Australia to be at such a high level to this position and make it get listed on 10th spot of the best countries in the world.
  • Even though Australia is a home to many deadly animals like venomous snakes and sharks, its also a home to not seen any where most interesting animals like Wombat and Australian dingo. Not only this you can watch and experience the beauty of kangaroos hopping on the go especially on the Australian beaches.
  • Many animal lovers love Australia only because of the reason that one can not see and enjoy the pleasure of watching these amazing and rare animals anywhere else in the world.
  • Apart from all this Australia is blessed with uncountable natural gifts like Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, the Pinnacles and a lot more. Don’t you think these jaw dropping views would make your life happier even if you visit these places only once.
  • No doubt we can say the Australia is a must place to visit and more than that one of the best country to live work and retire.

9. Iceland

Happiness Score :- 7.353

Iceland - World's Best Countries to Live In 2014

Iceland – World’s Best Countries to Live In 2014

  •  Iceland had been the most peaceful country in the world for years for its friendly environment and for the least crime rate committed in the country.
  • Iceland is the country of literate people with the literate percentage of 99.9% where you will find most of the people buying and reading books, novels and magazines.
  • Iceland holds to be the top position in the Forbes list of “Top 10 Cleanest Countries” too with a whooping score of 93.5 in cleanliness. So ultimately you can imagine its one of the best country to live.
  • It is the 16th richest country in the world with the GDP per capita of 39,718 billion.
  • Life expectancy of people of Iceland is as follows.

Men : 83.2 Years

Women : 85.2 Years

  • Iceland has no self army this means how much peaceful they are with their neighboring countries and with people from all over the world. Instead they have some of the majestic rescue teams and coast guards.
  • Iceland offers 9 months of fully paid maternity leave for moms. You can see how much Iceland take care of their people.
  • The status of peace in the country is to the extent that you will merely see any policeman or guard even in banks and crime rate is almost zero. Iceland is no doubt one of the best country to live in.


8. Austria

Happiness Score :- 7.369

Austria - World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Austria – World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Austria is the 4th most peaceful country in the world.
  • Austria stands to be in the good position with GDP per capita of 41,908 Billion.
  • The most proud and the best city to live in Austria is “Vienna”. Though its one of the most populous city of Austria still its offers better life quality standards to its residents.
  • Life Expectancy of people of Austria are as follows.

Men : 81.5 Years

Women : 83.5 Years

  • Vienna is regarded as “The City of Dreams” and most commonly as “The City of Music”.
  • Being a place of natural landscapes and nature rich place, nearly 5 Million tourists visits Austria every year.
  • In Austria more than 90% of the people claim that they are happy with their living standards and basic facilities. People of Austria manage to save about $28852 per year.
  • Austria is a country of strong economic background and they have one of the best schooling system in the country so is the employment rate is high too.
  • We recommend Austria to be the best country to live in as its is the 8th happiest country in the world too.

7. Finland

Happiness Score :- 7.389

Finland-World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Finland-World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Finland is another country which is rate as one of the top 10 best countries to have trade in by Forbes Magazine.
  • Finland offers great education system for their students and any student  hardly fails in their academic tenure.
  • People of Finland owns the most email ids and mobile phones in GDP per capita.
  • Finns are really fond of enjoying their leisure time in nature. Over 80% of the Finns families have their own lake and summer cottages to enjoy their holidays. What a best country to enjoy your living.
  • Finland tries to facilitate the moms by offering them 90 days paid maternity leave for mothers. It has really low baby death rates.
  • Finland being one of the best country to live in has an excellent transportation system. They value time and you will be shocked to read that its a seldom chance that any bus gets late.
  • Literacy rate of Finland is said to be 100%. It is said that even retards here can read and write easily. According to PISA report that Finnish Children are the best readers in the World.
  • People of Finland enjoy a great life. There are high life expectancies, premium health care centers and day care centers for kids.
  • Indeed Finland offers its people a premium lifestyle with excellent literacy rates, lowest crime rates and corruption levels and thus is one of the best countries to live in the World 2014.

6. Canada

Happiness Score :- 7.477

Canada-World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Canada-World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Canada is thought of as one of the best countries to live in because some of its amazing things like low crime rates, high life expectancy and cool people with wide acceptance.
  • Canada is not only a great country to live in but it also is listed as the best country to invest money , best country to study, and best country to work also.
  • As mentioned Canadians are really cool minded people and they are often mocked for apologizing a lot when they commit even small mistakes they never hesitate to say sorry. This strengthens the relationship among themselves and make everyone happy.
  • Canada is the No.1 Country to hold good reputation and this great reputation of Canada has helped it in generating over $81.9 billion from last year via tourism and travels.
  • Life expectancy of Canadian people are about 83-84 years in Males and Females.
  • It is ranked as the 8th most peaceful country in the world also.
  • Canadian sons/daughters earn twice as much as their parents. For example, children who are born poor to their parents rarely die as poor and they hold good positions and earn a lot of money.
  • Canada tops the charts in providing the utmost and unique health care systems to its citizens. It is regarded as the 5th Best Country in the world in regard of old age people.
  • Canada is a country of strong economy and you can imagine the same by reading that the top ranked 4 banks in the world belongs to Canada.
  • Canada provides its citizens the basic necessities of life and living standards are up to the mark, this is the reason there are very low crimes and UN-employment rate is pretty low.
  • Canada makes a lead in space, medical  and technological discoveries and they tend to provide economical freedom and a luxury life to their citizens, thus it is the 6th happiest and the best country in the world.

5. Sweden

Happiness Score: – 7.480

Sweden-World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Sweden-World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Sweden offers its citizens 16 long months of maternity leave and pays 80% of the mother salary. No doubt they have taken good care of the new born kids so that the parents both mother and father could spend a good amount of time with the baby. Its one of the prime reason it is considered as one of the best countries to live in especially for the newlywed couples to choose Sweden as their destination and secure their and their children future.
  • Apart from this Sweden offers its people free day care center for their children. What a heavily subsidized state for the parents indeed. Why wouldn’t people dream of living in such a care taking country?
  • Another big advantage of Sweden over other countries is that when your children grow up you will have nothing to pay for their education as Universities in Sweden are also absolutely free.
  • Even for its extreme cold weather people don’t seem to take its effect and tend to enjoy the life to its fullest as they are seen ice skating, trekking skiing and doing a lot of fun activities.
  • Sweden has a perfect environment for both young and adults and is best known country to live in for its nature friendly environment as you can breathe in fresh and clean air.
  • Sweden has strong and independent media and thus it helps the people a lot more as the politics here is transparent more than anywhere in the world.


4. Netherlands

Happiness Score:-7.512

NetherLands - World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

NetherLands – World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Netherlands is the 4th happiest country in the world and the 6th lowest crime commiting country in the world.
  • If you are a pet lover especially dogs then this is the best choice to reside as dogs are allowed in all cafes, bars and almost all public venues. Special centers for dogs are there to take care of your dogs. It is an extremely dog friendly nation.
  • Netherlands is highly up to date nation with over 38% of the population connected to internet and has the highest number of internet broadband subscriptions in the world.
  • Political structure of Netherlands seems to be really awesome as it ranks to be on the 3rd spot on the best politically powerful country in the world.
  • Over 92% of the residents of the country claim to be really happy and satisfied with the government. Actually this highly happy amount of people has helped Netherland get to such an esteemed and premium position as the 4th best country in the world.

3. Switzerland

Happiness Score:-7.650

Switzerland - World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Switzerland – World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Switzerland is said to be a place of happy people. It’s the world 3rd most happy country and considered to be the 3rd best country to live too for it provides better living standards to people in urban and rural areas both. The safety and health facilities they provide to the people have made it ranked 3rd overall.
  • With the help of their citizens, Switzerland has turned its cities into high tech societies by providing safety, tranquility and reliability.
  • With some of the most amazing tourist attractions, this is a country with a lot of diversified cultures. You will have to no longer think of how they have made their 7.2 million citizens happy along with the people traveling to Switzerland.
  • People of Switzerland receive many noble prizes every year. This is due to the fact that education is pretty cheap in the country and they make no difference for the temporary and permanent living people.
  • These are some of the facts that why a lot of people flee to Switzerland to find peace of mind and enjoy a happy life in one of the top ranking best country in the world.


2. Norway

Happiness Score:-7.655

Norway- World's Best Countries to Live in 2014

Norway- World’s Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Norway is the 2nd happiest nation in the world according to the survey and thus ranked 2nd on the best countries to live.
  • The living standards in Norway are pretty high. May be this is the reason it has such a high level of happiness score among other countries. People here enjoy luxury lives and even garbage pickers are seen holding high end smart phones and living in decent homes which most people in 3rd world countries even dream off.
  • Norwegians are lucky in the sense that they try to avoid junk foods and prefer healthy foods. This is why they enjoy good health overall.
  • Norwegian guys are thought to be the best party goers in the world. Not only youngsters but even adults men and women here are really picky and enjoy going to night clubs. They are very sensitive to what they dress and how they look like.
  • Norway’s oil manufacturing has helped its economy a lot and it has contributed a lot to the total wealth of the citizens of Norway. Almost everyone seems to have his/her own transportation. Even then Norway seems to be nature friendly country.
  • Norway is well admired for its natural landscapes, parks, mountains and thick forests. A soothing and relax feeling would cover your mind and soul. Peaceful and safe… Enjoy a premium culture and lifestyle in the suburbs of this best country.

1. Denmark

Happiness Score: – 7.693

Denmark- Worlds Happiest and Best Countries to Live in 2014

Denmark- Worlds Happiest and Best Countries to Live in 2014

  • Have you ever wondered of a country where murder and other crime rates are zero? Do you dream of going to pollution free and corruption free country with a stable and strong economic growth even in holidays and less peak times? Well if you are serious at living in such a peaceful, cool and world’s happiest country than you must head on to Denmark as it’s the only country which can closely offer all these things for you at one place.
  • According to the World’s Happiness Report we mentioned at the top, Denmark is declared to be the only happiest country in the World and no doubt its also the only best country to live in too.
  • Denmark also takes good care of their nationals and they offer a 52 weeks of fully paid maternity leave for mothers and not only mothers they also offer a 2 week fully paid leave to the new born child’s father too so that both of the parents can give the most of the affection to their newly born baby.
  • Danish women are really active in rejoining their previous job and about 80% of the women join their previous level of employment after giving birth. This figure tends to be pretty high when it comes to compare with some of the strongest economies in the World like America where this figure is mere 58%.
  • Denmark seems to be an ideal spot for your kids to grow up as the little ones are offered free child care system. Not only children but young ones and adults enjoy cheap or even free medical and health facilities and this is their basic right.
  • Denmark is a clean and environment friendly country where not only government take steps to keep the environment pollution free but also people seems to be helping their government in this act as most of the Danish people prefer to travel by bicycle instead of car to save themselves from pollution and also to enjoy subsidies from their government.
  • Gender equality has a really important factor in the lives of Danish people, this is the reason it keeps on ranking at the top when it comes to gender equality and thus its top ranked and one of the most wonderful yet best country to make a living with your family.