Top 10 Best Anime Series

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Looking to watch out for the best Anime Series of All Time. Well we have made it easy for you to check out the most popular and best Anime. Not only kids but youngsters and even adults enjoy watching Anime. Anime are like cartoon movies which have become really popular in the last decade. We have created this list of Top 10 Anime which you would love to watch and are indeed amazing. And please forgive me as this is the list of the Anime series which i love and i am not focusing on one anime or the other. Its everyone choice but its sole my choice to have these anime series to be the top 10. Well, Lets have a look at the list and please don’t forget to mention your top 10 anime lists in comments so that we get an idea which cartoon shows you like the most.

10. Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online - Best Anime of All Time

Sword Art Online – Best Anime of All Time

Sword Art Online is an anime which focuses on people to play games in virtual reality. In this show what happens is that they put a helmet on their heads and their senses are transferred to the virtual reality. In sword art online an evil mastermind traps thousands of people in the game and if they remove the helmet or die in the game they die in the real world. Ha ha.. Amazing…It actually explores how it would feel if you would have to live in gaming world. The story and graphics are so addicting that you would indeed become a die heart fan of this anime. Watch it out and let us know what you think.

9. Naruto Shippuuden


Naruto Shippuuden Best Anime of All Time

Naruto Shippuuden Best Anime of All Time

Naruto Shippuuden is a great anime which you will enjoy a lot if you like watching anime. Naruto is a very special ninja kid and he can do whatever he wants through weaving hand signs. He has been sealed with a monstrously powerful demon fox and this fox is wittingly a blessing and a curse for him. The fights in the anime are awesome and the amazing anime makes it to be rank at top. The fight with suck jaw dropping animation in the series made me shiver down my spine.!! Watch it out.

8. Bleach


Bleach Best Anime of All Time

Bleach Best Anime of All Time

Bleach is an anime about a teenager who is turned in a death God. Being death God, the guy has to protecet people from evil monsters who tend to torture or tease normal people. He faces strong enemies as the show progress. The characters in the anime are interesting and the animation is great too. The canon episodes of bleach are good but fillers are not that good. Let us know how do you like watching bleach.

7. Fairy Tail


Fairy tail is about one of the mage guilds in the magical kingdom of “The Earth Land”. The story mainly focuses on the 4 mages namely Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza. As all kind of bad things happen at “The earth Land” which leads to epic mage fights. Not only the mage fights are awesome, the music used in Fairy tail is so much great that you will be lost watching this anime. The soundtracks of the anime are kind of mix between rock and celtic which produces great music.

6. Steins Gate


Steins Gate Best Anime of All Time

Steins Gate Best Anime of All Time

Steins Gate is a great anime about travelling. You might be thinking of characters travelling through time but this is not the case in Steins Gate anime series as they have managed to get unique. In this anime, messages are travelling back through time with the help of a magical microwave. The story of the anime is really well and a lot of attention has been given to minor details. It is really interesting and cheesy anime and i am sure you would love watching this one.

5. One Piece


One piece is the longest running best anime in the world ever aired online. It is about a pirate named Luffy who want to become the king of the pirates – the greatest of all pirates. This anime has such a great environment and atmosphere of adventure and friendship are amazing. Luffy has the rubber powers and he can easily stretch any part of his body instantly. During his naughty adventures, he recruits other pirates gets himself a decent ship and kicks a lot of ass with other pirates.

4. Death Note


Death Note Best Anime of All Time

Death Note Best Anime of All Time

Death Note is also a great anime with is about a 17 years old genius kid named Yagami Light. The story of the anime is that Yagami accidentally finds a note lying on the ground. When he opens the note he finds a writing ” The human whose name is written on this note shall die”. Yagami believes it to be a prank and writes a name of a guy in a joke. After 10 seconds the written person name dies. Now Yagami has incredible powers and he can easily get rid of anyone he wants. It is a must watch anime and the feeling of “What would you do if ” is great.

3. Shingeki no Kyojin


Shingeki No Kyojin Best Anime of All Time

Shingeki No Kyojin Best Anime of All Time

Shingeki no kyojin is a must must watch anime and i would highly recommend it to anyone. This anime is indeed perfect and the musical score is perfect and the story is EPIC… It is set in middle aged world where humans are being hunted by titans. Titans are huge creatures that have no purpose apart from eating humans. All humans live in a giant fortress so the titans can’t get them. They are safe until a huge titan suddenly kicks in the front gate of fortress. The only bad thing about this great anime is it ends. I see this as the most perfect and awesome anime of all time.

2. Code Geass


Code Geass Best Anime of All Time

Code Geass Best Anime of All Time

Code Geass is another total blast to watch anime series and the story goes like this that England has gained world domination and has confined Japan to “Area 11”. A Japanese school student Lelouch accidentally gets a very special mind control power and with this he starts a rebellion against the English dictators and the aim is to end England’s world domination. The story of the anime is awesome, the characters are interesting and diverse. The ending of Code Geass is good but sad.

1. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood


FullMetal Alchemist - Brotherhood Best Anime of All Time

FullMetal Alchemist – Brotherhood Best Anime of All Time

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the top ranked best Anime series i have watched till now. What particularly stands out and makes it prominent is its musical score and an outstanding dramatic story line. The anime has a mature story and manages to let you deep in the show. It is actually about two brothers who try to find the philosopher stone. With this stone they can restore their mutilated bodies who were mutilated when they tried to revive their dead mother. While on a travel they found out that in order to get this stone they will have to sacrifice the whole nation and only then they can get to this stone. Watch out the best Anime show and let us know what do you think of it.