Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core & Deca Core Processors

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In the world of computers and technology, you might be hearing about dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core and deca core processors.Processors are actually named according to their number of their independent units called cores. There are actually two types of processors. One is Single core Processors and other is multi core processor. Single core processor is the thing of past and with the advent of technology, the only thing used is multi core processors. We have multi core processors like octa core, deca core, hexa core. The more number of cores of any processor the better and high performance and task handling could be done.

Let’s try to understand it by an example… Think of a task to be done by a group of 4 people labelled as Group A and the same task is to be given to 8 people which are in Group B. Definitely the Group B with 8 people will be able to complete the task pretty early compared to only 4 people. Similarly, the same thing is applied to the number of cores. The more cores in a processor, the more sooner the task would be completed. So the Deca core with 10 cores would be able to do a task pretty fast then a quad core (4 cores) or a hexa core (6 cores) processor.

Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core & Deca Core Processors

Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core & Deca Core Processors

Well lets have a look at the most popular multi core Processors, their working and performance.

Dual Core Processors

Dual Core Processors as the name defines have 2 cores per physical processor. But in this there are actually two processors combined together and their cache and cache controllers are in a single integrated circuit.

Quad Core Processors

Quad Core Processor is a chip of the processor with independent four units of cores which read, analyze and execute information and tasks to be done as tasked by Central Processing Unit.

Within this 4 core processor chip, each chip operates in combination with other circuits as cache, input/output and memory management. The presence of four individual cores in a quad core processor can run multiple instructions at a time, thus increasing the overall speed and performance of the programs with the help of parallel processing

Hexa Core Processors

Hexa Core is another multi core processor which is built with 6 different cores. It can handle tasks faster than dual core and quad core processors because of the increased bandwidth of data to be transferred.Hexa Core Processors was introduced in 2010 the first time and were used in  the Intel Core i7 Systems.

Octa Core Processors

As the name implies, Octa core processors are made up of 8 independent cores to handle tasks more quickly and effiecently. The octa core processors can no doubt perform and gives around double performance than a quad core processor of the same specifications. Some people also use two sets of quad core processors in a device and it is also perfectly fine and the gadget whatever it is must be called octa core processor as both of these quad core processors will split their tasks between them accordingly.

Deca Core Processors

Deca Core Processor is built with 10 independent 10 cores combined with each other to make data transfer super fast. Deca Core processor is the thing of the future and its the latest processor designed to date. We have been seeing quad core , hexa core and octa core processor mobile phones for some time. But i barely think if some smartphone has yet been released with deca core processor. This processor is assumed to be blazing fast. We are all looking forward to deca core processor Computers and laptops any time soon. Deca core processor are supposed to be really efficient and our fingers are crossed to welcome them.

Though there is no limit to number of cores of addition to the processor but limitations start coming when cores are increased.. So we appreciate the developers for making a breakthrough for these high end processors like deca core processors.